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  • Caldwell County Part I &...

    Caldwell County Part I & II

    Caldwell County Part I & II


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    Product Description

    The Kentucky Horse Council’s first time horse owner DVD is a resource for potential, new, and longtime horse owners. The video provides information on horse selection and care that all horse owners should know. It offers potential horse owners a chance to learn more about the commitments, both financial and time, of horse ownership.

    Owning and caring for a horse is a significant undertaking that can bring many challenges and great personal and professional rewards. The goal in developing the video was to offer insight into the extent of care that horses require while also highlighting some of the many benefits of horse ownership.

    Through the video, the Kentucky Horse Council seeks to educate potential horse owners so that before they purchase or adopt they have a basic understanding of the horse’s unique needs and the responsibilities of horse ownership. Current owners also will find valuable information on horse care and management as well as resources in the video. Ultimately this video will lead to happier, healthy, long term horse human partnerships and foster the growth of the horse community.

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