Veteran Education

Proudly Educating For More Than 30 Years

The Kentucky Horseshoeing School has been proudly educating Veterans of the United States Military for more than 20 years. During this time, KHS has discovered that Veterans are some of our most successful students. The dedication to task and perseverance shown in these students is unparalleled. With new funding options available to eligible veterans, a career in horseshoeing could be the right option for you.

Post 9/11 GI Bill®

Veterans Readiness & Education

Forever GI BIll®

When investigating career options for your future out of the military, have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • What career options are not dependent on my location?
  • How can I make a good living for my family in a down economy?
  • What careers are available to someone who wants independence and autonomy?
  • Which small business opportunities are recession-proof?

If you find yourself asking these questions then perhaps a career as a professional farrier is right for you. Ask anyone who owns a horse – skilled, reliable, professional horseshoers are hard to come by. This means there are significant opportunities for you to make a good living creating “firm foundations” for horses and riders.

You can contact us at 859-575-4063 to find out if a career in horseshoeing is for you. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Veteran Graduates

Thank you for your service

John D. Folberg

Joseph Robinson

David Martin

Bryan Osborne

Bryan Barnhart

Steve Bell

Jeremiah Zimmer

Rick Wells

Daren Eichenlaub

Jonathan Mariscano

Jason Fowles

Nathaniel Black

Brian Taylor

Corey Ferretti

Mark Heyn

Lucas Phillips

Josiah Foutch

Tina Chamberlain

Ryan Benge

Christina Landreth

Bradley Ison Doolin

Jonethon Wilber

Ross Hines

Kevin Fanning

Neal Flippo

Joshua Nowlin

Sean Scanlon

Bran DeLong

Nathan Eilenfeldt

Dakota Burdette

John Brendle

Christian Milhoan

Eric Sanders

Khalan Brading

Lucas Smith

Andrew SMith

Samuel King

Travis Prather

Justin Crull

Jonathan Smith

Mark Barnes

Trevor Cardinale

Christopher Flannery

James Smith

Bert Blevins

Andrew Smith

Trevor Duty

Corey Cummins

Lance Mullinax

Bobby Sproule

Emmanuel Ramirez

Rafael Chavez

Joshua Waters

Alex Hinson

Bruce Keenon

Tyler Erman

James Bennett

Bobby Sproule

David Schell

Adam Rogers

Dominic Decoff

Bradley Workman

Braden Lepore

Glenn Dean

Christopher McWhorter

Jimmie Fernandez

Tryston Feeko

Daniel Bowers

Jordan Pucket