Business Education

Success means more than fitting a shoe.

Being a successful farrier is more than having the skills. It required a business acumen often overlooked in farrier education. The Kentucky Horseshoeing School offers the most comprehensive Business Module of any technical horseshoeing school in the United Sates.  The Business Module is another way Kentucky Horseshoeing School elevates the academic requirements and standards of professionalism in an industry offering many unique trade specialties. The materials developed for the Kentucky Horseshoeing School are structured specifically for Farriers, and include:

  • Business Concepts
  • Business Planning
  • Terms, Conditions, and Pricing
  • Daily Operations: Communications, Scheduling, Administration, Marketing, and Technology
  • Liability and Protection

A successful Farrier career depends on the understanding and application of Business Concepts.  The Kentucky Horseshoeing School has taken great steps to refine and define the Business Module for the benefit of our students.  Students are provided with the materials and information necessary to operate and be successful as small business owners.