36 Week Course

Thirty-Six-Week Career Track Course

Research in the field of vocational education has shown,  that there is a direct correlation between the amount of time spent training in a formal educational situation and the level of success achieved by the individual trainee. More education = More success. Feedback we have received from former students, horse owners and practicing professional farriers, supports that notion. For this reason, we have developed the premier farrier training course available in America. This course includes classroom theory, hands-on practical training, and work-study, when combined, give the student the maximum chance for success as an entry-level farrier.

This professional farrier course is a performance-based curriculum designed for those students with high expectations. In addition to mastering the skills in the 24-Week Course, the 36-Week student will gain an understanding of advanced anatomy, biomechanics, lameness, and pathology, modern materials (use of adhesives, urethanes, non-ferris shoe appliances, gas welding and brazing, mig welding, and tool making), personal health strategies, small business operations, critical thinking, farrier/vet relations, public speaking, and breed and sport specific shoeing techniques.

During this course you will also learn how to interpret radiographs and to communicate with owners and veterinarians in a professional manner while formulating your treatment strategies. In this process you will learn communication and business skills that are critical to your business success.

This course covers classroom instruction plus lab and workshop instruction. 

Students in this course are responsible for assigned readings and homework. If possible, it is suggested that each student bring their own laptop or comparable computer as some homework will be required using a computer.

Thirty-Six-Week Career Track Farrier Course Outline

Lecture125 hrs.
Cadaver leg trimming14 hrs.
Live horse trimming370 hrs.
Demonstrations76 hrs.
Shop Forging368 hrs.
Shoeing Feet & Horses381 hrs.
Welding/Tool Making40 hrs
Business Practices40 hrs
Review12 hrs.
Examinations14 hrs.