24 Week Course

Twenty-Four-Week Intermediate Farrier Course

The twenty four week course is our minimum recommended training for entry-level farriers. It will introduce you to the study of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, equine movement, and will provide you with an understanding of conformation and its effect on the developmental phases of young stock and the adult working athlete. Through this study, you will learn to trim and shoe horses to achieve and maintain limb and foot balance. 

The 24-week program focuses on an academic curriculum that delves deep into distal limb anatomy. This includes specific limb anatomy, principles of biomechanics, and their relationship to movement, conformation, and shoe usage for the purpose of achieving better balance and maintenance of horses in shoes.

The program covers the essential concepts of metallurgy as they pertain to farriery, providing students with a better understanding of tool use, maintenance, and the fundamentals of shoe making. Lectures also encompass information on shoe manufacturing, specialty shoes, and modifications.

The practical component of the course concentrates on honing students’ skills in shoeing pairs of feet with factory-made shoes. Through demonstrations and hands-on assignments, students work towards proficiency in trimming feet with accuracy and efficiency, while adhering to appropriate time parameters. The course also emphasizes the development of efficient systems for hoof evaluation and the application of shoes to an appropriate standard.

Students in this course are responsible for assigned readings and homework. If possible, it is suggested that each student bring their own laptop or comparable computer as some homework will be required using a computer.

24-Week Intermediate Farrier Course Outline
Lecture83 hrs.
Cadaver Leg Trimming14 hrs.
Live Horse Trimming232 hrs.
Demonstrations40 hrs.
Shop forging268 hrs.
Shoeing Feet & Horses300 hrs.
Review12 hrs.
Exams11 hrs.