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    Potential students

    What is success?

    At Kentucky Horseshoeing School, we rate ourselves by the success of our graduates. After 26 years in the field of farrier education, one thing has become clear — more education=more success.

    With limited class sizes, our goal is to focus on each student as an individual in an effort to help them reach beyond their personal limitations.  We challenge you academically as well as physically, and the proof is in our long list of successful graduates.

    Our graduates compete on the United States National Farrier Team, coach national teams, have won national championships, and won world titles.  We have trained  3 of the past 4 recipients of the “Rising Star” award, and ourselves have received the “Educator of the Year” award multiple times. Our graduates have shod Kentucky Derby winners, and Breeders Cup champions.  Look around the farrier industry and you will see our graduates at the top of every sector.

    It is easy to make claims such as “the best” and “the only“.  While those words sound good and help to make sales, at Kentucky Horseshoeing School we think our graduates are our best advertisement.  It is our firm belief that if you shop around, ask questions, and compare the results, your decision will be easy.

    Your success is our success.  It is that simple.