Regarding Mitch

“Mustad Australia invited Mitch Taylor to be the keynote speaker for our annual Mustad Asia Pacific Farriers Competition and Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Mitch was a huge drawcard for us and it is easy to see why he is held in such high regard in the industry, as he is an excellent communicator and his enthusiasm for his job comes across in the delivery of his presentations. In particular, a highlight of the Conference was Mitch’s research and video footage regarding the locomotion of the flat racing horse.”

“Mitch also acted as a judge for our Farrier competition and provided practical demonstrations on plating a race horse and shoe making, which generated strong interest amongst our Australian farriers, with very positive feedback from those who attended.”
Liam Ryan, Sales manager Mustad Australia

“KHS is vital to the profession for a variety of reasons. TJ received excellent instruction when he attended in 1992 and 1993, giving him a solid foundation. In addition, he is able to return and pursue a course of advanced individual study to further his education. It was a very in depth and informative couple of weeks. I enjoyed the opportunity to listen to Mitch discussing quarter cracks and hoof anatomy. His knowledge is as obvious as his enthusiasm. KHS has given not just its students, but the profession a great resource. Mitch’s willingness to host educational events for farrier associations demonstrates his commitment to his students and the profession. Having AFA Certifications held at KHS is also a valuable asset.”
Christine Farley, TJ Farley’s Farrier Service

“Every once in a while “those who can” also choose to teach. And sometimes we all get lucky and those talented individuals find that they love to teach. Mitch is one of those. We’ve done educational workshops at KHS and around the country, and I always find inspiration in his enthusiasm for teaching and learning. I learn something each time I have the opportunity to visit with him. What higher recommendation could I give to an educator?”
Danvers Child, CJF, Editor — Professional Farrier

“We have received a lot of positive feedback from people who attended this event, and most of that credit goes to you.”
Andi Evans, Director – 6th Annual Equine Lower Limb Symposium

“Mitch Taylor, who founded the accredited Kentucky Horseshoeing School knows more about the lower limb of a horse than any person in America. His lower limb dissections are considered to be the best and often presents for the AAEP and university veterinarian departments.

Bill Casner, Owner, Casner Racing, LLC

“Your presentations and appearance helped make Equitana USA the single most comprehensive seminar and lecture program available to horse lovers in North America .”
Lisa Kiser, Conference Manager, Equitana USA

“The participants ranked [the KHS] seminar as one of the bet they have ever attended. AHPA acknowledges the fact that this is largely the result of your talent and contributions. We appreciate your contributions and expertise!”
Ellen M. Forsyth, Director of Programs. – American Horse Protection Association

“This is an amazing school that allows students to practice their craft to become competent and competitive farriers. I greatly appreciate Mitch and Sam’s generosity in sharing their time with our students”
Kathy Splinter-Watkins, MOT, OTR/L, HPCS, FAPTA. Associate Professor, Eastern Kentucky University.

“Mr. Taylor is an excellent communicator in the classroom setting, with horse owners and all others in the horse industry. He understands his craft and is able to explain this important aspect of horse care to others. I appreciate his talent and look forward to working with him on future educational programs for the horse industry.”
Bob Coleman, PhD., Extension Horse Specialist, University of Kentucky .

“My company is a distributor of farrier products in the U.S. I have known Mitch for more than 20 years, having done business with him as a farrier and as owner of Kentucky Horseshoeing School . His talents as a farrier and educator are acknowledged by those of us in the industry that know him. He has significantly raised the level of farrier education in the US in the time he has owned KHS.”
Dan Burke, Owner, Farrier Product Distribution

“The school (KHS) is well known within the industry for its superior academic and practical standards. Not only is Mitch an instructor of immense knowledge, but an example of impeccable integrity for his students. Mitch is a sought-after clinician around the country. He is also well known in farrier competition circles, where he excels in both farriery and blacksmithing skills.”
Rob Edwards, Publisher, Anvil Magazine

“Thank you for presenting at our symposium this past weekend. Many of the participants told me how much they learned and enjoyed your lectures, demonstrations and comments. You have a way of putting things into logical, common sense terms that everyone can understand.”
Chris Wakley, American Association of Equine Practicioners

Student Comments

“In 1993 I decided to become a farrier and attended the Kentucky Horseshoeing School . What little did I know how this would change my whole life. When I arrived at school, I knew nothing of anatomy, gaits, tools, or metalwork. Through the patient teaching of Mitch, twelve weeks later I was producing competent work..The work fit me and I was determined to be the best I could be. I decided I was going to pass all the certifications offered by the AFA. Through all levels, I was able to stay in touch with Mitch and by April, 1996, I was an AFA Certified Journeyman. This was largely due to Mitch’s help.”
John Guido, CJF, Virginia

“Great Course, Great staff, and teachers.  Mitch and his staff were very helpful in all ways possible. “
David Flannery, Ireland

“I thought that the course was the perfect mix of practical and theoretical with the biomechanics, anatomy and farriery lectures a good complement to the practical work.. I learnt a huge amount and will never look at a horse’s foot the same again. I have already thought about what we were learning last week whilst picking out the feet of the broodmares that I have been working with this week.”
Matt Coleman, Great Britain

“I think I can describe Mitch’s relationship to the farrier profession as someone who has vision and passion for the farrier (profession). I base this not just from watching him teach students or work on horses, but because after 23 years of military service, I have seen instructors with these qualities and floundered under instructors without them.”
Lt. Col. John Foldberg, USMC, ret., California (CF)

“The instructors are really great & I have learned so much overall.  You learn so much as this school.  I appreciate teh knowledge overall.
Amber Halligan, Maine

“The horseshoeing program you developed at Kentucky Horseshoeing School, properly balanced and trimmed horses, combined with correct nailing and finishing.is right on the money.”
Col. Joe Robinson, USMC, ret., North Carolina (CF) 

“Your personal attention to detail and high quality of craftsmanship is highly refreshing.. The one on one instructional opportunities that exist.allow everyone to progress as quickly as they can. The only reason for failure on the students’ part is lack of desire.”
Fred Ulshafer, Kentucky (CF) 

“You (Mitch) are an artist and a gifted instructor. Believe me, I have trained and worked with literally hundreds of instructors-you have the touch.”
Col. D.P. Martin, USMC ret., Virginia (CJF) 

“Ever since leaving the school, I have intended to thank you for the education I got there. Not only because I think it was well rounded and an excellent basis for starting my career, but also because I believe it was the start of something more profound in my life. I know that had I gone anywhere else to learn horseshoeing, my life and interests in the field would not be the same.”
Heather Holly, CF, Indiana

“Having previously earned 2 Masters degrees, going to horseshoeing school was a profound change in my life. I researched between 20-25 schools throughout the country and chose Kentucky Horseshoeing School . It was the right decision! Prior to going to Kentucky , I had never swung a hammer in my life. I now work with an excellent farrier in Southern California . I love it and am happy for the first time in a long time. I can’t help but to highly recommend Mitch Taylor and the Kentucky Horseshoeing School for anyone serious about becoming a good farrier.”
Robert Kagan, California

“In short, I am very pleased with the training I received at your school. Like I told someone else, I will put my training up against anyone else.and I can truthfully say I will either come out equal or on top.”
Scott Morrison, CJF, West Virginia

“I had a great time here. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and I am glad it pushed my limits.”
Bobby Sproule, Tennessee